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Ordinary Minutes 2019

Meting Minutes 6th November 2019

Meeting Minutes 2nd October 2019

Attachments October 2nd 2019 Meeting:
Loss of reliable telecommunications
Hall management group

Meeting Minutes 4th September 2019

Meeting Minutes 7th August 2019

Attachments August 7th 2019 Meeting:
Proposal Balingup-Nannup Road

Meeting Minutes 3rd July 2019

Meeting Minutes 5th June 2019
Meeting Minutes 5th May 2019
Meeting Minutes 3rd April 2019

Attachments April 3rd 2019 Meeting:
Soft Plastic Recycling Available in Balingup
Redcycle Information Poster

Location of Redcycle bins and more info.

Meeting Minutes 6th March 2019

Meeting Minutes 6th Feb 2019


Annual General Meeting

AGM Minutes 2019: Progress Association / Umbrella Group Reports



Ordinary Meeting Minutes 2018


AGM Minutes 2018: Progress Association / Umbrella Group Reports
AGM 2017: Summary