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Balingup is situated in the South West corner of Western Australia, a pleasant two and a half hour drive south from the capital, Perth.

The Balingup Progress Association is a dynamic community forum enabling residents to participate in the direction and planning of the Balingup community. Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Community Centre (near the Tavern). Annual membership is only $1. New residents are welcome.

The Balingup Progress Association was instrumental in developing the Medieval Carnivale and the Small Farm Field Day, and provides them with public liability and rain insurance. As an Incorporated Association, the BPA is the umbrella organisation for the following groups and activities, and provides support where required.

Balingup Small Farm Field Day Balingup Medieval Carnivale
Small Farm Field Day Trust Balingup Carbon Neutral Group
Telling Tales in Balingup Balingup Art and Craft Affair
Neighbourhood Watch Choose Respect
Balingup Catchment Group Balingup Rail Group
Australia Day Breakfast Fox Baiting
Men in Sheds Fruit Fly Baiting
Community Meetings and various other Action Groups and Workshops addresssing Community Concerns

Liaison with the Shire

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The 'Can Do Community Awards' highlight initiatives by local communities that have contributed to regional revitalization, and produced their own solutions to local problems.  Over 270 applications were submitted nationwide and Balingup is proud to be the Western Australian winner for 2003.